About Us

About Us


In 1965 Tung Sheng Co., Ltd. was established by the fonder Mr. Chen.  He developed shoe-making machines for the Japanese factories in Feng Yuan township, Taichung and developed a series of Converse shoes machinery including rubber cutting, calenders, and rubber Foxing extruding systems.  Mr. Chen believed and insisted on high quality raw material and necessary treatments for machine parts as well as the importance of listening to customer’s requests and experiences could provide customer-satisfied products.

Strong Basic Enterprise Limited Company was established in 1992 by Mr. Paul Tu for the purpose of integrating turnkey equipment, shoe-making technology, and after-sale-service network.  Not only keep Mr. Chen’s spirit and high machine quality requirement, at the same time Mr. Tu aligned with other related professional people to create a strong group to provide worldwide customers know-how consultancy, production technology, and whole plant equipment.  After many loyal customers have become public firms, CE certified equipment and automation systems are developed to meet the customer's high requirements. 

In 2012, due to high demand of vulcanizing tank, autoclaves, we invested in manufacturing safety, energy-efficient, and stable autoclave to meet CE standard.

In 2015 we successfully implement Fully Automatic Rubber and EVA recycle pulverizing system to Nike, Adidas, Puma, and Vans factories.  The fully automatic system grinds rubber outsole scraps and runner flash to become rubber powders. Powders are added back to shoe production.  Hence it brings factories profits by reducing production costs and it also helps fulfill name brand shoes’ commitments for reducing global wastes.

In 2021, we developed highly efficient TS-512 EVA Grinding Mill for EVA recycle and reborn.  Through automatic continuously grinding by low temperature to keep chemical original property, saving power and, reduce recycle time.  After recycled, EVA is regenerated & added into kneader for mixing directly without having to do pelletizing process.  We continue ESG business strategy.

Line of Business

Industrial machinery and equipment, Shoe Making Machine, Rubber Machinery, Rubber Extruders, Raw Rubber Cutting Machine, All types of rubber cutting machine, Rubber Calender machine, Embossing Roller Machine, Batch-Off Machine, Color Foxing Production Line, Rubber to fabric Lamination Machine, Rubber Foxing and Rubber Outsole equipment, Automatic Rubber, EVA, EPDM Recycling and Pulverizing Production Line, Vulcanized Shoes Whole Plant Planning and Export, EPDM car weather strip and window wiper strip making equipment, NBR-PVC foam tube and board equipment, Automatic recycling systems for EVA and Rubber.


Company Missions

Continue to dedicate ourselves to green environment protection to develop recycle and de-vulcanized machines.

Continue help developing countries have local shoes factories for economy growth & job opportunities.

Manufacturing High Quality & Automation Equipment

Put ourselves into customer’s shoes and think from customer’s viewpoints to provide satisfying customer service for ESG businses strategy and spirit.