Bale Cutter with Electronic Scale

Bale Cutter with Electronic Scale

Bale Cutter with Electronic Scale, Automatic Rubber Cutting Machine, Bale Cutter Machine
(Large type, with base, Spring cushion & Electronic scale conveyor)
This machine weights rubber automatically while regular TS-905C Raw Rubber Cutting Machine weights rubber manually.
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Bale Cutter with Electronic Scale


This machine is suitable for cutting natural raw rubber and synthetic rubber. 



1.  Spring cushion protects cutting blade to reduce blade abrasion. This is a durable machine.

2.  Both manual mode and automation mode are available.

3.  This machine is equipped with Both-Hand-Second-Difference-Operational buttons.  The operator must use both hands to operate for working safety. 

4.  This machine is equipped with machine base and conveyor for easy operation.  So, the operators do not need to operate in improper postures to injure their backs during long hour operation. 

5.  The transport conveyor can be custom-made and ordered.

6.  Digital scale system is optional. The upper limit and lower limit of rubber weight can be set.  After weighing, if the green light is on, it means that the rubber weight is correct. Then, the rubber can be move to the next station. The scale prevents incorrect weight and benefit to visual management. 







Available working size

W80 x H55 cm



Machine N.W./G.W.

520 / 620 kgs

Base N.W./G.W.

250 / 300 kgs

Machine Size (LxWxH)

104 x 72 x 215 cm

Base size (LxWxH)

160 x 115 x 76 cm

Machine shipping size (LxWxH)

147 x 90 x 212 cm

Base shipping size (LxWxH)

160 x 115 x 76 cm





Available scale



Scale precision


Upper and Lower Limits

Can be adjusted

Red light

Over weight

Green light

Reach standard weight, with buzzer

Yellow light

Close to pre-set standard weight
Not sufficient part: manually load more rubber

Environmental temperature

-20 ~ +60


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