Anti Mold Agent, Mildew Free Agent

Anti Mold Agent, Mildew Free Agent

Save up 70% Anti-Mold Costs! After SB-CHOO is sprayed, the anti-mold agent will be moving and floating by air flow. It sterilizes the target space completely. No need to turn on dehumidifier when the environment humidity is below 70 degrees!
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It is suitable for various industries such as leather bag industry, all kinds of footwear industry, furniture, toys, etc., 100% mildew-proof packaging, creating aseptic space to improve product quality, and maintain brand reputation!  This equipment can be custom-made for different package methods and for various industries.

In the warehouse, the raw materials are stacked by layers, and the moisture has penetrated into the material fibers, even dehumidifiers cannot remove the moisture inside of the fibers. Sterilization through SB-CHOO anti-mold agent is the most effective way at present!

1. Spray SB-CHOO once on left and right spots in the packing box. Or use TS-916H Anti Mold Spray Machine to spray once.
2. No oven is required for drying.
3. Anti-Mold Agent moving along with air flow to sterilize evenly in the package.

4. Spray SB-CHOO in the 4 corners of the package carton and seal the carton to ensure no mold growing within 1 year.

1. Small dosage for perfect anti-mold effect to reduce anti-mold cost for products.
2. No need to turn on dehumidifier below humidity 70 degrees to save electricity.
3. No need to use an oven for drying to save electricity.
4. To prevent future customer compalins and loss for re-treating finished products.
5. Safe.  No harms to human bodies and animals.




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