Tire manufacturing Rubber recycle

Tire manufacturing Rubber recycle

The machine can cut the rubber sheets into rubber strips through the upper and lower blades.
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TS-808A5PLC Rubber Cutting Machine (PLC Type) with Servo-Cutting, Auto-Weighting System


The machine can cut the rubber sheets into rubber strips through the upper and lower blades. 



  1. This machine is equipped with a servo motor for high cutting precision. The deviation is ± 0.06 mm.
  2. This machine is equipped with PLC and HMI for easy operation, error warning and production records.
  3. Materials are fed by PVC driven belt for smooth feeding of multiple stripes.
  4. Multiple long profiles are able to be fed and cut at the same time.
  5. Rubber sheet inlet and discharging areas are made of stainless steel.
  6. Cut width is 0-140 mm.
  7. Capacity is about 60 pieces/minute.
  8. It is allowed thin and thick material cutting.  Material thickness can be 5-40mm.
  9. The cutting length can be 25mm – 150mm.
  10. This machine is equipped with a precise digital scale for auto weighing.  It is connected with PLC. 
    The tower light indicates whether or not it reaches its target weight.
  11. This machine is equipped with sensors to indicate insufficient material feeding.
  12. Low power consumption, highly efficient, and excellent precision performance. 
  13. It is suitable for cutting all kinds of rubber materials, and achieves energy-saving effects!
  14. It is low noise. 
  15. This machine is designed to be ergonomic and is complied with CE safety designs for mechanical and electrical appliances.
  16. This machine’s cutting knives have long service life due to the special cutting angle design.






 MAX. Feeding width最大入料寬度

680 mm

Motor 馬達 / Inverter 變頻器 / Servo伺服馬達

3HP Cutter + 5HP Inverter + 1000W servo motor

Machine size 機械尺寸

250 x 160 x 170 cm

Scale 電子秤

60 x 40 x 54 cm


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